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Josh Sumrall

Josh Sumrall, 2 days ago

Today's (August 19th) HS Softball game scheduled at Ripley has been canceled. The next scheduled game is tomorrow (August 20th) at Coyle vs Oilton. There will be one High School game and one Junior High game starting at 4:30pm.

Josh Sumrall

Josh Sumrall, 6 days ago

Reminder that today (August 15th) is the last day to order Coyle Schools apparel through BSN Sports. The flyer is attached with the code needed to order. view image

Josh Sumrall

Josh Sumrall, 7 days ago

Coyle Public Schools has had several requests for the school to explore a conversation and information pertaining to the school district joining the Meridian Technology Center District in Stillwater, Oklahoma for Career Tech and Vocational type programs. Each Public School District in Oklahoma has the opportunity to join a Career Tech Center by a vote of the people of the School District. When a School District is a member of a Career Tech District, 11th-12th Grade students are able to attend the Technology Center at no cost to the student for several different vocational type programs and trades, along with adults in the district having the same opportunity to attend. The Technology School also provides transportation for those students by picking up and dropping off at the local Public School, which would be Coyle Schools' Campus. Coyle Public Schools is currently not a member of a Career Tech District and never has been. The district's registered voters voted down the proposal 30 plus years ago. Therefore, students who wish to attend Meridian Technology Center must pay tuition, which is currently roughly $8,000-$11,000 a year, plus providing their own transportation. If the Coyle Public Schools Board of Education chooses to put the question on a ballot for a vote of the people, the measure, if passed, would raise the tax millage in the school district. I have been in contact with Dr. Doug Major, Superintendent of Meridian Technology Center, today about gathering information on how much the taxes will increase with a voter approval, along with everything that the membership would provide. As soon as I have more information I will certainly pass it on and share it with our district communities and citizens. After forwarding this information on to the citizens of our School District, I will take comments and feedback to the Coyle Schools Board of Education and they will decide if the measure is put on a ballot for registered voters in the Coyle Public Schools District to vote on. Please keep in mind that holding an election costs the School District about $3,000, so the amount of interest will probably be key in the School Board’s decision. Please give me a few weeks to compile the information and I will pass it on. Please also keep in mind that the School Board and I know how sensitive this subject is to both those who support the issue and those that do not support the issue, because of the tax increase. We will do our best to distribute the facts and information and will make a decision that is in the best interest of the School District. Thank you. Josh Sumrall Superintendent Coyle Public Schools

Josh Sumrall

Josh Sumrall, 13 days ago

Coyle Cheerleaders are selling Coyle Cheerleading items and apparel. Place orders at FANCLOTH.SHOP/TEEBD. Contact Charity Long at the High School at 405-466-2242 or a Coyle Cheerleader for any questions. view image



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